Thursday, April 14, 2016


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I Am Yours by Aja
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I Am Yours” by Aja starts with a sex scene before you even get to know who the woman in the book is or what, if you get my drift. I quickly become extremely frustrated with the character’s back-and-forth behavior. Amara’s actions tell me she’s a runner and the makings of a seemingly predictable storyline. To make sure the reader doesn’t run the author cleverly pulls a switcheroo by making her an unwilling party. You wonder if the author wants you to know it’s her hero in the story she has to convince to stay or leave.

As crazy as Amara drives you, she starts to grow on you even though she clearly takes things too far. But you start to understand her after awhile even if you don’t like her approach to love. Her reluctance to get with Noah, a man you can feel how deep he is into her heart, goes from a borderline romantic comedy to a nail-biting cliffhanger.

The author showcases her writing skills and style by telling the story the way her character wants it written, frustration and all. For example, when Amara reaches out to Noah in Chapter One you’re not sure of what she wants from him or if it’s just a business call for her. You get the feeling that she doesn’t know at the time that the call really is for him.

As the story unfolds you start to sympathize with her and understand the reason for all her emotional issues. At the same time it becomes crystal clear that Amara’s heart is going to come back to Noah, and it all happens with a call. It becomes the turning point when she realizes her need. Poor Noah has had his heart broken many times messing around with Amara. But his pain teaches him something about himself that you see later on as the story develops.

Then there’s Keith (i.e.; her safety net, her comfort and “maintenance” man.) You find yourself wondering if you want her to end that empty relationship or keep it going. But after the car incident, the “I’m breaking up with you” dinner, and the lackluster chance at intimacy all make clear where things are going between these two. Now Amara’s has the dilemma of ending the relationship without causing any more damage than she already has to another heart. On the other hand, Keith knows she’s not that into him and should end it himself.

The thing I like most about Graves’s book, and I think other readers like you will too, is that the story is no typical romance novel. I don’t know if the author set out to write something different, but the appeal to me is that she tells the tale of love from a perspective like none I’ve ever read. Even when things get messy her protagonist prevails in the most difficult situations you can imagine.

Aja is refreshing, and she offers the same in “I Am Yours.” I strongly believe that readers will find the story very satisfying! It’s a definite must read!

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Monday, February 15, 2016


There is always a way for all of us to be healthier and tune our bodies to ward off illnesses and early aging. 

Author Cal Samra is the founding editor and publisher of The Joyful Noiseletter, a national newsletter which for 31 years has brought good humor and good cheer to churches and families of all faiths. An octogenarian and an enthusiast for tennis and the Mediterranean diet that Jesus ate, he lives the message in his newest book, The Physically Fit Messiah

Order your personal copy and find the meaning to tuning up your health. A very inspiring and fun read!

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The Physically Fit Messiah: Wellness Wisdom Past and Present by Cal Samra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found The Physically Fit Messiah interesting, inspiring, and fun to read! Reading a story about lifestyle choices for overall good health and a long life, can only lead to something that just feels right. Cal Samra is an octogenarian who plays tennis four times a week, eats a Mediterranean diet, and enjoys organic gardening.

The book is a compelling read about human behavior and habit as they relate to diet and health (i.e.; overeating, poorly eating, excessive drinking, smoking, physical inactivity, high sodium and processed food consumption, and the environment.) All of which that can wreak havoc on our health.

Samra collaborated with some big names in medical and religious fields to help him create this wholesome, spiritually centered story about clean living. He gives proven accounts of wellness in health care that dates as far back as early Greek Christian physicians; physicians then and now who encourage a healthy diet and exercise.

I enjoyed the humor the author used to enhance the story. I got a kick out of the 15 exercises to avoid. My only issue with the book was, there wasn't enough empirical data to support how genetics and natural causes beyond anyone's control play a part in our health. But it addressed other concerns in depth like man-made "agents of death" and their effect to our environment. A sigh of relief comes when the author stresses the importance of prayer, faith, love, and good relationships with Christ, family, friends and pets for illnesses medication can't heal.

If you pooh-pooh the wisdom of our elders and have little regard for history, this book may not be for you. If you believe you can garner motivation to live longer and at the same time promote in others a healthier lifestyle, this book is a gem for keeps! I definitely recommend this read!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The Sky is Green and the Grass is BlueThe Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue by Deb Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deb Scott doesn’t stop at the face or chin left. She gives you the whole soul lift in this gem! If you have problems and you’re looking for solutions, your life is about to transform in “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue.”

“Why me?” We’ve all been there. And if you ever wished you were never born, the author gives you a second look at life through the eyes of the famous George Bailey in the 1946 classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Deb Scott presents just about everything imaginable that can go wrong in your life, and provides you the fix in her book.

You’ll discover just how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to survive marriage, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, financial challenges and many other problems people experience in their day-to-day lives. Whatever you’re feeling, the author takes you down that road with insight that shows you how to turn your sky blue and grass green again.

What I especially like about the book is that the tone is warm with the intensity of a close friend listening and caring about you. Even though the author is not academically approved like Dr. Phil, she brings proof and common sense that anyone can live in peace and with purpose in their life.

You’ll takeaway some simply and easy steps to answer the tough questions. You’ll find a smile at the root of your problem. You’ll understand why happiness is so easy to achieve. You’ll learn how to identify what makes you feel bad and why.

The story is a breath of fresh air, and I highly recommend this read. The author inspires you to find fulfillment and to become a happier person. The book does not disappoint!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Rowena's KeyRowena's Key by A.J. Nuest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What was AJ Nuest thinking when she wrote Rowena’s Key? I believe she was thinking, “I’m going to dazzle my readers!”

Rowena buys a ghastly armoire. This was an epic failure for her. But there’s something to this pricey, old, broken-down, ratchet piece of furniture that drove her to drink down big gulps of Pinot Grigio. Rowena learns quickly this is no ordinary armoire. And when Prince Caedmon appears in the other side of the mirror, brandishing a sword and dressed like a centuries-old Robin Hood, Rowena thinks her friend Oliver staged the whole theatrics to mock her gaudy purchase.

What’s so remarkable about this story, Prince Caedmon would be considered a dweeb by modern standards. The author gives you a chance to gander his cornball poetry, clothes, and sheer cluelessness of the humor that surrounds him. The broad humor kept me laughing at some characters and chuckling with others. Nevertheless every character is engaging, lovable and charming.

I enjoyed reading about the supernatural occurrences chock-full o’ romantic, magical moments that drew me in deeper. The imagery is so vivid it felt like I was sitting in front of screen streaming real-time video. I love how the author cleverly crafted some straight up satirical irony within the plot. What Rowena says and what is meant, and what Prince Caedmon does and what is expected is a work of brilliance.

This is a really good and fun novella! It reads like a romantic comedy, and it has all the charm of Cinderella fairy tale. Rowena and Caedmon are worlds apart, but their romantic sparks are surfing on seduction-spiked airwaves and colliding in a mad rush to become as one. Rowena finally meets a man she could see herself loving, and she wants to be the best for this gorgeous prince “forevermore,” a word she loved hearing him use.

Love romance? I highly recommend “Rowena’s Key” to romance novel lovers everywhere! This book delivers!

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Kill Mary Jane DoeKill Mary Jane Doe by Nicole Dunlap
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Open “Kill Mary Jane Doe,” by Nicole Dunlap, and meet Mary Jane. In this psychological thriller MJ winds up with a case of amnesia … she doesn’t know who she is. The story comes to life when shots rang out and guns are pointing in Mary Jane’s direction. She’s running from a two-timing dirty rat named Jake who pretends to be a friend, now trying to pin a murder on her she didn’t commit. He and his thug buddy, Lyle, chase her down in a stolen Corolla she was driving and rams her right smack into a police cruiser. This happenstance isn’t the lucky break she thinks because the Chief of Police wants her dead, but why?

“Kill Mary Jane Doe” is a cleverly crafted story woven into a web of lies and deception. The book keeps you wondering about its characters relationship to each other, and what the heck they’re all up to. For one, does Mary Jane really have a twin sister named Asia, and are the flashbacks of Asia really about Mary Jane’s life in Malaysia? Then what is the strange relationship between Jake (an underbelly of society) and Officer Daniels about? Are they involved in some diabolical scheme reeking havoc on everyone around them? And that Jacob Woods is a holy terror. He grew up in a militia household, half Iranian and half Italian. Even worse, he’s a bloodthirsty psychopath who killed a lot of people including children without batting an eye. Beasley, the ultimate bad guy, surprisingly adds a very interesting dimension to the story that I actually enjoyed reading.

This book is good! “Kill Mary Jane Doe” will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters jump off the page and challenge readers to understand and figure out the complex psychology of the “who-why” that unfolds before your very eyes. And if you grasp the emotional dynamics of what’s going on, you’ll find some humor too.

If you enjoy reading a book with an exciting plot, I highly recommend reading “Kill Mary Doe.” You won’t be disappointed!

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